Ozone 101

The Ozone gas is composed of three oxygen atoms and is produced when a stable oxygen atom breaks down a stable oxygen atom into two unstable ones. These unstable atoms combine with other stable oxygen atoms forming ozone. This gas is colorless, odorless and is a very strong oxidant. It’s also very unstable. This is why it must be created on location and cannot be stored.


Ozone: The Safest Sanitizing Agent For Food Disinfection and More!

One of the most important aspects in the food industry is disinfection. Recently, food disinfection has become the center of attention due to the food-related illnesses occurring across the globe. Food disinfection is a process of removing the soiled parts on the surfaces of the food or beverage. The efficacy of the process depends primarily on the type of sanitizing agent used.
What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a natural and odorless gas made of oxygen. It is among the most effective sanitizers used in disinfecting food. It can control the growth of microorganisms in products and tools used in the food industry. It can also oxidize iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur.

Where Can You Use Ozone?

Fruit---WebOzone is mainly used for washing fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, storage of beverages and getting rid of pests. Other uses of ozone include:

1. Pool, aquarium, spa water and water park sanitation
2. Purification of bottled water
3. Disinfecting restaurants
4. Performing laundry operations for hospitals and food factories
5. Eliminating odor from household items
6. Removing pet and animal odors
7. Fabric sanitation
8. Restoring vehicles
9. Sanitizing washrooms

What Are The Advantages Of Using Ozone For Disinfection?

1. It is one of the most powerful disinfectants.

Important-FactsThis sanitizer can effectively eliminate the substances that other types of disinfectants cannot destroy like cosmetics, human fluids and metallic substances. Some of the bacterial microorganisms that the ozone can kill include Candida, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staph, Cryptosporidium and Gardia, all of which can cause various illnesses to humans.

2. It is effective in cold water.

You can save time and energy in heating water. You don’t need to gather heating tools and equipment. This inexpensive sanitizer can also improve the taste and appearance of food.

3. It saves money.

Ozone is cost-effective in numerous ways. It eliminates the need for repeated purchasing of chemical sanitizers. It also reduces the need for hot water, therefore decreasing energy bills.

4. Ozone gets rid of the hazardous byproducts created by other types of sanitizers.

You don’t need to repeat the cleaning and rinsing process just to remove residues and byproducts. Ozone only leaves ordinary oxygen after the cleaning process. It also eliminates the need for chlorine which may be harmful to human health.

5. It is recognized by the FDA, USDA and EPA.

This means that ozone is safe to be used for food surfaces. The agencies have also recognized its effectiveness when it comes to food processing and storage. There are some studies proving that ozone performs well as the other traditional way of sanitizing.

6. It is environmentally friendly.

Food sanitation using ozone does not harm the environment as well the people who are using it. In fact, it benefits the environment by reducing the consumption of energy and creating no byproducts after the process of disinfection.

7. It can access the areas that cannot be reached by traditional sanitizers.

Portrait Of Family On Airbed In Swimming Pool

Portrait Of Family On Airbed In Swimming Pool

Areas where there is minimal or no air current including the corners of carpets, drapes, furniture and under the bed can be cleaned using ozone. This will result in an odorless and breathable air.

Ozone is the safest and most powerful sanitizing agent used for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. It does not require a specific temperature of water to become effective and it eliminates the need for other chemicals that may be toxic. It is proven to have a cleaning power 200 times more effective than any other kind of sanitizing agent. Because it is natural and does not cause skin irritation and other illnesses to the people who use it, ozone is often considered the best sanitizing agent recommended for food processing.