Glowing Review From Bruce H.

I am the Maintenance Director for a large Assisted Living Community. One of my continuing challenges has been keeping our front loading high efficiency washers clean and odor-free. We’ve used the available cleaning products which work for a short period, then need to be re-applied, at substantial cost. Then there is the continual reminder to staff to keep the washers clean. After learning about then installing The Ozone Works Nature Wash water conditioners, we have seen an amazing improvement in both the cleanliness of our residence clothes and washing machines. We have far less odor and the washer’s door glass and rubber gaskets are staying clean. We have stopped using hot water and only use washer cleaning products occasionally. From a management standpoint, the Nature Wash conditioners have proven their value by giving us direct savings. We are saving both money and energy in the form of reducing hot water usage, a reduction of cleaning products and less labor keeping the washers clean. This is a true triple bottom line advantage.

Five Star Review From The Saint Francis Home in Richmond

I recently purchased 6 Ozone machines for the laundry room at Saint Francis Home in Richmond, Va. We could not be any more pleased with the results. In a 152 bed assisted living facility, we are faced with a number of challenging odors, germs, bacteria and stains on a daily basis. Ozone allows us to essentially “bleach” the unbleachable and sanitize clothing, towels and dining room napkins that we were not able to before. What a difference ozone has made. It was such a pleasure working with Tom and Matt along the way as well. Thanks again.


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